Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Concerning the Discipleship Orientation

I wanted to share my thoughts on what is involved in making disciples in America today. This has made me occasionally unpopular and under suspicion by the leaders and followers of some traditional church methods used in America today.

It is nice to know who is not on God's side.

The simple truth is that sin creates ignorance and denial about our ignorance. We are born in this world spiritually blind, spiritually deaf, spiritually dead and living in denial about it. God creates a change of heart that allows new life into our lives, but discipleship is a process of being "undeceived" about all the things we were living in denial about.

It can be a process that lasts a lifetime, and in the Discipleship Orientation podcast, I wanted to explain why it takes years of our lives to graduate from the Lord's school of discipleship.

Praise the Lord!

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