Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Concerning The Message of Christianity Podcast

I spent 3 weeks asking God for something I could use to do evangelism, and the Message of Christianity is what I ended up with. It literally exploded in my mind one day so quickly I was afraid I would not be able to write it down before I began to forget what I had received.

In fact, I remember by the time it came to mind, I had to get up and find something to write with and something to write on, and the impression I of it on my mind had already begun to fade, but God compensated for my weakness.

There have been a few version of this, I gave it a couple of upgrades through the years, polishing it up into what you can hear in the podcast. I want to tell you a personal story about the difference this has made in my life.

I decided one day to go looking for people to share it with, and after 5 hours, Satan - or someone very close to Satan - came to stop me. The moment that happened the entire atmosphere changed, and I can only describe the difference by saying "There was murder in the air."

The momentI began to sense the "murder in the air" the next person I spoke too personally threatened to put me in the hospital while his wife and children were watching. At that point, the Holy Spirit told me I had done well enough, and sent me back home.

Not long after that, I got hurt and have not been able to go back on another "missionary journey" in my hometown. But I really do not mind. God has others who take these kinds of risks, and the time on "furlough" in my hometown gave me a chance to make rest of the discipleship material that I have on my website, as a follow up to the Message of Christianity.

Praise the Lord!

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